PSD to HTML Conversion Guide | Step To Convert PSD files to HTML

The web designing and web development niche is getting truly dynamic today, owing to the emergence of responsive design which is a trend setter these days. Gone are the days when developers used to make use of .PSD or Photoshop designs. According to the W3C, HTML is the latest standard for designing responsive websites. HTML CSS Layout or Cascading Style Sheets is now creating a buzz in the web development arena and hence all novice and veteran developers are looking for tutorials to learn the easy methods for converting PSD to HTML CSS Layouts. Check PSD to HTML Conversion Below.

Step by Step Guide PSD to HTML Conversion 2018


Although there are many online tools and companies that specialize in the conversion process of PSD to HTML CSS Layout, but it is always better to do it manually and hence to support you in the process here is the beginner’s guide on PSD to HTML Conversion CSS Layout.

Step One – Get the Components of PSD Design

You need to have all the PSD design handy with your prior to starting the conversion process and ensure that the design is created using Photoshop Layers as this will help you in choosing the correct designs in right time with the need of Photoshop Slice Tool. Now you are required to create a catchy design for the website which includes all the components like Sidebar, Navigation Bar, Footer, Header and more. All needs to be placed sequentially. Once you have the PSD website design, you are ready for the conversion process.

Step Two – Get All the Tools for Conversion

You need to have in-depth understanding and skills in front end development to Convert PSD to HTML. This includes knowledge about JOuery, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Remember, conversion of the modern websites is very demanding and critical and you need to have extensive knowledge about styling (CSS) and mark-up language (HTML) and also know the important specifications of a webpage including JavaScript and JOuery. Designing an responsive website for mobile is actually a call of age and thereby it is necessary that you keep this factor in mind while converting PSD to HTML CSS Layout.

Step Three – Prepare the PSD Webpage for Conversion

After you are done with your PSD Design and with all the required conversion tools, you are required to create the directory folder which would include the following:

  1. Image directory for images
  2. jsDirectory for JavaScript

Step Four – Being with a Simple Layout

In order to design the HTML CSS Layout, you are required to first analyze the design with the help of the Photoshop Layout and then determining the sections which are different. Here the crucial components which are worth considering include the slides, header, services, background, client, widget, media and footer. You also need to focus when you name the class or the ID as these names will be used to mark-up the HTML layout and based on these details you can start creating the HTML Layout.


Step Five – Mark-Up the HTML Layout by Working on Each Section Closely

The next and the last step for converting PSD to HTML CSS Layout is to mark up the HTML and for this you need to work elaborately on each section including media, service, slider, header, footer, client, widget and background. You need to ensure that you mark up each section or HTML elements which you are able to identify in each section and ensure to focus on each section elaborately. Now it is the time to style the navigation bar with width, height and gradient. Here you need to apply the Cascading Styling Sheet to complete the process.


After following these steps your conversion process is over and the HTML CSS Layout is ready. The PSD to HTML CSS Layout is very difficult process, especially when you are working with the complex HTML5 or CSS3 standards and hence it is always better to hire the professional PSD to HTML CSS Layout conversion company that have extensive knowledge about the conversion process and can help you create visually captivating and highly responsive HTML CSS Layout for website designing. Even if you are veteran, you will find the process quite difficult to accomplish and this is where the professional companies can help you with.